Ichetucknee Tube Center

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you canoe and kayak?

Yes, canoeing and kayaking is permitted in the park. Generally, both are not encouraged during the tubing season, especially on weekends or holidays (Due to the large amount of tubers). We rent Canoes for $35 and kayaks for $16.

What is the river like?

The river is crystal clear, and 72.6 degrees year round. It is slow moving, with a gentle current. There is a wide range of wildlife, from fish and turtles, to otters and beavers, and even the occasional manatee. Though the water is too cold for almost all cold-blooded animals, including alligators, the occasional water snake can be sighted on the shores (there have been very few incidents with snakes in our 40+ years of renting).

Are there places to eat, or should I bring food?

There is a concession stand at the South entrance of the State Park. The concession stand has a variety of foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, ice creams, and snacks. There are also grills placed throughout the parking lots in the park, with picnic tables to relax and enjoy a lunch with the family.  

When is the park open?

The Park opens at 8 in the morning. At 2pm, or once the limit of 750 people is fulfilled, the North Entrance of the park closes. Midpoint, the longer run within the south entrance, closes at 4 (or when it reaches its limit of 2,250). Dampier’s Landing closes at 5, with no limit of tubers.   

Tips for a great day tubing

To have the best trip down the river we suggest the following:

• Be here early on the weekends.
• Bring extra waterproof sunblock and reapply every hour or so.
• Wear water shoes or tie flip flops to tubes or rafts.
• Please follow the driving directions
• Don’t leave valuables visible in vehicle.
• Large groups can call ahead for reservations and receive free delivery.
• If possible try to come during the week.
• Please don't wear your jewelry down the river.
• Check Facebook for coupons
• Our main location is at the North Entrance of the State Park.
• Add our address into your gps or phone. 

How do I return my tube?

When you are done floating, turn your tubes in at post #4.  We will come pick them up.